I received the second round of feedback for my song from two different NSAI mentors and they both love the hook. In fact, usually it takes 2 or 3 weeks for feedback but in both cases, I received feedback within 24 and 48 hours. That’s how excited they are about it.

I took into consideration a tweak to the lyrics for mentor #1 before my second submission and now I’ve got some more tweaks from mentor #2. With this kind of interest, I must pay attention to it – for this song.

But as an artist, well, the rules can be thrown out the window – at least the radio rules of songwriting. Some songs are meant for the radio and some songs are meant for me.

Take, for example, the latest song from Sawyer Frederick (of The Voice), “4 Pockets.” I love, love, love this song. And reading over the lyrics, I noticed how it’s so not radio rules – it’s artist rules.

Check it out: