Kathy_PV_Beach_CropJust back from a cruise and, in spite of paying for the internet package, I was mostly off the grid. I’ve been dying to say that for a while now – off-the-grid. Well, for one thing, I couldn’t really help but be off the grid because connectivity wasn’t all that good.

Instead of being online, I slept in, ate good food, got tons of exercise, drank wine, martinis, and margaritas, talked to new people, danced, swam, and listened to awesome music. The people I talked to and observed inspired lyrics for 3 songs. But it was the music that made me feel the most at home.

As an introverted novelist and singer/songwriter, by the end of the cruise, I was totally drained. Too many people. Especially after this one lunch late in the cruise. Lines were long and slow for tables for two in the dining room so we agreed to dine at a group table. I’m convinced that people who like group dining are people who love to talk about themselves. Because that’s all they did. By the end of that lunch, I couldn’t take it anymore.

We ran out of there as fast as we could – lol! And then I stumbled into the atrium where this most amazing 7-piece band was playing and I fell in love. I felt like I was truly home. Instead of dining with people talking about themselves, I wanted to hang out with the musicians.