I’m officially a professional singer/songwriter! Yesterday, I received my first royalties for a song I’d written, performed, and recorded. Since I’d released it, I’d unreleased it because I was having second thoughts about, perhaps, finding a commercial home for it. So I was quite surprised to discover royalties for it.

Of course, this called for champagne last night and I was so giddy over it all, I didn’t sleep much. I didn’t really accomplish much today, at least, not on the feedback song I was working on.

But I have to say, the headiness over actually getting paid for music I’d written and performed was giving me second thoughts about perhaps pursuing more of an artist career – that’s really where my heart is. It also has mulling over second thoughts about some of the songs I’m working on – the Pop dance song is much more natural for me than, say, folk or country.

Devil Doll inspires me and I’d love to put out some music like that. Much to think about.