I’m wrapping up 2015 by uploading Lost in the Middle, the last song for 2015 to my first album of original songs. My first album – woo hoo! The songs were inspired by many of the same stories I wrote about in Myths of the Fatherless and Real Women Wear Red. But if I were to title this album, it might be “Fathers and Other Strangers.” So far it’s an 8-song EP but I might have to write a full album because I’ve yet to write the title song.

While they’re all work tapes and I may take them into the studio once I have those skills to do them justice, it’s important for me to stop and take notice of all I’ve accomplished over the past year. It’s a milestone and a mark of my progress this year that I can compare next year’s progress to.

It feels good to put these out there, preparing to move on and create new music next year. I can’t wait to see what progress I make in 2016.