The theme of running away is capturing my imagination. I think it started watching Bachelor in Paradise this summer. When Carly was dumped, she wouldn’t even let the guy give her any excuses. She’d heard enough. But she did stop long enough in her tracks to turn around and say, “I can’t hear what you’re trying to tell me.” And then, “I run.” It hit a chord with me.

I was reminded of this when returning to Facebook and a friend said that I popped in and out more than any other friend. And now I’m working on restoring my domain name and blog since I’d deleted the old one. There’s a pattern here that I want to explore through fiction and music.

I’m inspired by a good friend of mine, who saw bits of me in Real Women Wear Red and who inspired my song, Candy Apple Red. I’m thinking this wip will capture some of my friendship with her during that last year of high school in Southern California when my family moved to the Pacific Northwest, much to my lifelong regret.

There’s also a song that is inspiring this story – Runaway by Del Shannon. I’d like to write my own song for this wip, but I’m not there yet – I’ve just started exploring the ideas in my wip.