Celebrating Elvis’ birthday all weekend along, I had to reshare this post, originally titled, “One Night in Portland” and the inspiration for the lyrics of an Elvis song I wrote called “One Night with Elvis.”

I hope I can find a melody that’s worthy of the feeling I’m trying to capture in this song. But to think that when I wrote that post back in 2011, I hadn’t written any songs since my first childhood song as “The Screamie Birds.”

My mother and I had gone to see Elvis in Portland and it was a memorable evening. She and I would squeal over Elvis and my step dad would just shake his head.

But if you could get my step dad to wear leather while he played the guitar, well, this would come close to capturing his essence. But he was far too laid-back for anything that flashy.

Reposted from 7/25/11:

One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday night is to listen to “Soundtrack Saturday Night” on Elvis Radio via Satellite. Yes, here we are living in Las Vegas in the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and we’re in our living room listening to Elvis on the radio. lol!

Last week I started talking about seeing Elvis in Portland – if you’re a regular blog reader of mine, you know that I had hoped to go with my friend’s family to see Elvis in Las Vegas when he opened at the International (now the Las Vegas Hilton) in August of 1969. You can read about Elvis and Tom Jones and my BFFs.

Because my family moved from Southern California to Portland that June, I didn’t get to go then. But I did get to see Elvis in Portland in 1970. So, hubby started searching on the internet and he discovered a recording of that concert. It was called “One Night in Portland.” So we listened to that last night – it was amazing – like eavesdropping on the past – and hubby got to experience it with me.

Elvis was the same age as my mother and broke out when the generation before me was a teenager, but Elvis has had a big part of my life. The first movie I went to see was Jailhouse Rock and when somebody said the word “Movie star,” I thought they meant Elvis – lol! I grew up sitting in the front row of the neighborhood theater for the matinee performance of his movies, saved up my allowance to buy the soundtrack for each one.

So I went with my mother to see Elvis for the concert performance that is called “One Night in Portland.” I got the binoculars during the fast songs, and she got them for the slow songs. It was a running joke with Elvis all night (not us specifically, just the binoculars, in general – lol.)

No wonder that Elvis and his buddy Tom Jones (he joked about Tom during the Portland performance) find their way into my writing.

And now I get to share that night with you via Youtube: