Mary Gauthier teHappy572x429-425x319lls the story of how she started songwriting and that she’d taken a couple of songwriting classes but they didn’t really work for her. They were teaching how to write songs for the charts. She was/is much more interested in writing from the heart.

I know how she feels – I do everything from the heart. If my heart’s not involved, it’s just too hard to do it. “Logical” types don’t get me and try to apply their logic to what I do from the heart. Thankfully, my soul mate understands this need of mine even more than I understand it myself sometimes.

Anyway, I’m working on songs from the heart that are meant for me as singer/songwriter and songs for the charts, like the ones I’ve received some positive feedback for. But even that song comes from a place in the heart. So, yes, I’m hoping to do both. I think I’m getting better at knowing which is which and what is what.

On days I’m not in the mood to work on a song for the charts, I write a song from the heart. And that’s what I did today. Just sat down and wrote a song from a poem I’d written on 9/25/12 and made a rough cut of it. I’m hoping to do a final mix to a couple of these song and upload them before long. And then there’s that feedback song begging for my attention…