I read this today, “Songwriting is a process, not an event.” It certainly is a journey. And I’m enjoying the next leg of my songwriting journey. I’ve recently enrolled in an eight-week course that builds on what I’ve already learned about songwriting. But whether songwriting or writing in general, you must set yourself free to express your art the way you need to.

Sometimes family or people who knew you when have a certain idea of who they think you are or were and they can inhibit your creative self.

Others are willing and able to ride the ride with you and that is really awesome! Others may travel part of the way with you, but you soon begin to discern negative or even passive-aggressive reactions toward your art and your right to express it. Set yourself free from those.

I’m reminded of this Mary Gauthier song, “Falling Out of Love” – “Falling out of love is a dangerous thing, let me out, set me free.” It’s appropriate for any relationship that isn’t working anymore – love, friendship, family, or whatever. Besides the lyrics, the song has a really cool vibe. Take a listen.