The best part about what I went through – admitting I wanted to know my father, searching for him, confronting those who needed confronting, rejecting the lies, embracing the truth, risking and losing family relationships – well, the best part was that I gained compassion for others.

In last night’s Survivor, Will attacked another person for “not having family” as if it was her fault. She came from an abusive home and the wise person will remove themselves from dysfunctional and hurtful relationships. Some people you have to love from afar. Will has yet to learn what I’ve learned. His issues are blinding him to others’.

In When the Counselor Comes, Father Powell says this:

Jesus promises that this world divorced from Him is so dysfunctional that they will HATE those who are healed and enter into communion precisely because their healing and wholeness reveals the brokenness of this world! No one gripped by darkness enjoys the LIGHT being turned on!

Mary Gauthier sings about what it’s like to spend Thanksgiving in a prison. My step cousin’s wife, a Catholic in California’s Central Valley, part of the family who is very supportive of me, ministers to women in a women’s prison. I admire her for that. Listen to the lyrics of this song: