2014 was definitely the year of music for me. In January, I enrolled in Pat Pattison’s songwriting class from Berklee and progressed through harmony and music production. I finished the year by uploading an original song to Reverbnation and many more rehearsal vocals on MixCloud and SoundCloud. I then progressed to SongU and NSAI.

I’ve been exploring different genres of music, trying to discern what my lane is. One artist who inspires me deeply is Mary Gauthier. She sings from the heart, from hurt, pain, and loss. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for an adoptee to track down her birth mother, well, listen to what she’s saying in March 11, 1962.

This is the kind of song a Singer/Songwriter can write and then get to perform. It all changes when you write for commercial success. This is the kind of writing I’m the most drawn to so we’ll see what 2015 brings for me musically.

PS – the above video cuts off abruptly so you might want to listen to the official version, although I was having problems with this on youtube.