When Will They Learn by Carmen Lundy and Why I Choose Jazz

So last night, during our usual wine sipping and jazz listening on the Bay Area’s KCSM radio station via the internet, we heard a new Jazz song that immediately got my attention. We waited for the back announce and discovered it was called “When Will They Learn” by Carmen Lundy. We looked her up on the internet and discovered this song was released that very day on her new “Soul to Soul” album.

It’s such a classic Jazz sound and really the type of song I’d like to write for “I Think You know” – I told that story on the blog – how we often substitute those words for the lyrics because that deep throaty sound connects to the story I’m trying to tell.

There’s a sneak peek of this with the Rosie character in Letters on Balboa Island and how she sneaks away from her suburban life to sing in a Jazz club on Balboa Island. I couldn’t help but notice that during “When Will They Learn,” there’s a line that goes something like, “When Will They Know.” Of course, my answer is, “I Think You Know.” 🙂

Anyway, in my attempt to focus on Jazz, I’ve changed up my web design to match the mood. You know I’ve been struggling with genre and have been experimenting with several, but if I could choose my genre, I would choose Jazz. Somewhere between Adele and Carmen Lundy. I’m totally in over my head but what a fun genre to study in an attempt to learn, sing, play, and write.

You can find out more about Soul to Soul and listen to some sample clips on Amazon.