Certificate with Distinction in Music Production

Oh my goodness – I did it! I passed Berklee’s Music Production course with Distinction. Wow! There were times I thought I wouldn’t make it. In fact, I un-enrolled briefly. But I couldn’t give up and soldiered on even though it nearly killed me. 🙂

Of the three required courses for Capstone, this was the most difficult class for me and I scored my lowest – 99.8% instead of 100%+ like in Songwriting and Musicianship. I got 100% on all of the quizzes, including the final, but one assignment I got 11.5 points instead of 12. I guess that’s why my final score was 99.8% instead of 100%. I’ll take it.

So now I wait until I can enroll in Capstone. It should be intense because we’ll be graded on all 3 aspects of Musicianship – songwriting, harmony, and production. I just need to figure out which song to work on for Capstone.