Writing… Lyrics & Music

Late Friday afternoon, I had the next six weeks all mapped out – I would write a thousand words per day on one of my wips and then I would have a first draft. Yay! Just in time for the Capstone project for my Musicianship program. I was feeling exciting about starting the weekend having set that goal.

Then Monday came. And I was in no mood to work on a novel. I’d planned to write those 1000 words in the morning and focus on music in the afternoon. But since I was more in the mood for music in the morning, I told myself I’d switch it up and write the novel in the afternoon.

Then the afternoon came and I continued to work on music. I rehearsed a few vocals, I wrote a couple of lyrics, I listened to other songs and analyzed them. I pounded out a few notes on a favorite song by ear and looked up the sheet music for it.

I took a break to start working on the novel. I noted my word count so I’d know when I’d written 1000 words but somehow I ended up with fewer words than I’d started with. And then I gave up. My heart just wasn’t in it. I’ve written so many novels and poured my heart into each and every one of them. Some have been somewhat successful for an Indie author – others have not. I’m sad about the books people have not really discovered. And I just can’t invest anymore of myself in such an unknown outcome.

I have more energy investing my time and effort and heart in my music. I have so much to learn – writing lyrics, studying music, learning the keyboard, working on new vocal and music production techniques. But it is all pure joy, I do it for me.

Today’s Rehearsal Vocals

My Boyfriend’s Back – classic Screamie Birds!