Hubby was listening to Prime Country on the way home from work and told me the story of how Ronnie Dunn came on the airwaves and told the story of how he’d written Neon Moon.

He said he was divorced and sitting at his parent’s kitchen table and he grabbed onto the key of A.

Well, that really struck a chord (ha) with me. I’m thinking I’d better get to know the key of A, because that may be my key, too.


So, I took a shot at singing along with Ronnie and, yeah, that is my key. (Totally impromptu, no rehearsal.)

Inspired by Wish I Still Smoked Cigarettes, I started writing a song in the same vein called “Wish I Still Lived in Mountain View.”

Of course, I’m wondering if people could relate more if I switched out Mountain View for “my home town.” I, of course, never lived in Mountain View but hubby did when I met him. 🙂