4438416_5989986_lzYesterday was a nail-biting kind of day. Huntington Beach is becoming just another memory for this beach girl.

First, I had to go to the doctor, which turned out to be worse than ever. This is the first time I’d been back to my doctor since we’d been back to Vegas and it sucked. For one thing, the doctor is way too busy to see anybody so I got the nurse practitioner.

Hubby had also gone to the NP and said it was nothing. You go in, tell them what you need, they refill the meds, and off you go. Whoa, not so easy for a woman. Is it ever? No! I got the full treatment. And when she got too snippy with me, I told her so and she backed off a bit. Why does it always come down to that? But then they couldn’t even figure out how to draw blood. Annoying. I’m going to find a new doctor. I am not putting up with what I had to put up with yesterday even if I have to go to every doctor in Las Vegas.

Then I had another kind of exam – the dreaded Final Exam for Music Production. There were 63 questions to be answered in 45 minutes but you could take the exam twice. I got 63 out of 63 the first time and it only took me 20 minutes. And now I get to move on to the Capstone Project. Woo hoo!!! I celebrated with a full glass of wine instead of my usual half glass. 🙂