Listening to “Wish I Still Smwoods_fb_kathyoked Cigarettes” for inspiration for a new song, all I can think about is how it reminds me of muscle cars. And then when the video shows the old-fashioned dashboard, I feel the need to search online for a pic of my first car. I do have a weakness for muscle cars. But mine were only muscle cars compared to cars today.

My first car was a ’62 Pontiac Star Chief. We were shopping for a car at a used car lot and as soon as I heard the rumbling roar of the engine, I knew I wanted that one.

Here are a few pics – one is an illustration when it was brand new. Obviously, I bought mine close to a decade later (back when that pic of me was taken). And it was black. Black is a great color for a car, but I also like the red. 🙂



My second car was a red ’63 Chevy. It was not a convertible.



I still need to write a song.

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