As I mentioned in My Soundcloud Experiment, I’ve been testing the waters to know which genre I should move forward with in my songwriting pursuits. Maybe I should have known that when Nashville became my favorite TV show, I was a goner. Come on – “3 Chords and the Truth” – you betcha! Besides, country music and I go way back.

Now after trying out different genres, Black Coffee ala Lacy J. Dalton country-style came out the clear winner. And now I’m working on my version of High-Powered Love – I found the music in the key of F#, which suits me much better than Emmylou Harris’ version. But, of course, this is 90s country and it’s nothing like what they’re playing now. Sigh!

But, wow, I remember the first time I saw this video and heard this song – I’d just taken the first step toward my second chance. I miss those days – I also miss my hair and my jeans and that whole 90s look – lol! Maybe I can recapture it via Emmylou.

High-Powered Love