Interesting…. after watching the Opry over the weekend, I felt compelled to write A Father’s Hug. Then on Twitter yesterday, I found this tweet:


This is what I love about Twitter – you can connect with like-minded people. On Facebook, I felt all alone – after all, I just had a handful of friends and family – they’d heard it all before – it wasn’t their mission. I felt resistance – it hit too close to home for some – but others applauded me because they knew it was true. So, if these were the things I most wanted to express, I knew it was time to move on from Facebook.

In the case of yesterday’s tweet, the story was from Tony Agnesi in his To Have a Father podcast. Very powerful! Another discovery I’ve made is The Father Effect.

It feels good to be in this kind of company. When I first met my father, my heart was illumined with so many truths for myself and then I discovered these weren’t just my truths – but these were the truths people try hard to deny. I felt compelled to share my discoveries in Myths of the Fatherless. I was interviewed by a journalist for The Unavailable Father in the Orange County Register. Back then I had a blog, too, called “Voice for the Fatherless.”

I received mostly encouraging comments from people – some asked for advice on how to go about meeting their daughter. I had to laugh, though, when “anonymous” said I needed therapy. Especially when I began to suspect who it was… 🙂

At times I thought it best to move on from this topic, but it keeps popping up as back story in my novels. And now in my music. I scored high marks for the lyrics in You Never Looked at Me That Way in my songwriting class – I need to work on the melody.

Next week I start Music Production and Music Theory classes before the Capstone project where I’ll work on one of the songs I wrote in songwriting. I’m still not sure if it’ll be Candy Apple Red or You Never Looked at Me That Way. Advocates in Heaven is another song in progress.

The thing about fathers is you have to start somewhere. If you have no father, you need somebody to be your father or father figure. But the story doesn’t end there. If at all possible, you need *your* father, you need a healthy relationship with your father, and that can lead to a loving relationship with your Heavenly Father.

We’re experiencing an epidemic of fatherlessness, meaning, no father or no loving relationship with your father. It should be no surprise that we’re experiencing such an epidemic of violence. Who do you think are in our prisons? The fatherless. This is what happens when we turn away from our Heavenly Father.