One of my favorite stations on Sirius XM is Prime Country – the best of country music from the 80s and 90s. Well, I can personally testify about the power of country music from the 90s. That’s when just about every restaurant/bar in the San Francisco Bay Area had a night set aside for country dancing. I was also stepping out into freedom from my ex.

I’ll never forget that glorious feeling of walking into that bar in Vallejo with a friend during our company picnic at what was once known as Marine World/Africa USA when it was located near Redwood Shores (hubby and I lived there after that land was developed – the best part of the Bay Area, IMHO). Now it’s called “Six Flags Discovery Kingdom” of all things. Check out this lament.

Anyway, I walked into the bar and Garth Brooks was belting out Friends in Low Places and the guys were shaking their bootie – lol!

Speaking of Brooks, there was this one guy at work who loved country dancing – used to dance at the Saddle Rack once or twice a week with his friend Mark. One night they had a celebrity look-alike contest and the two of them went up as “Brooks & Dunn.” Well, that was pretty funny because my name back then was Kathy Brooks and my friend’s name was Kosan Dunn and when people saw us, they said, “Here come Brooks & Dunn!” lol! Anyway, I married the guy who went as Brooks. 🙂

So, of course, I decided I had to use “Brooks & Dunn” as my blog header now that I’m adding music to my writing studio. Not just any music but country music in particular. It tells the kind of stories I like to tell – you know, “3 Chords and the Truth.”

I love most kinds of music but have been a big country music fan for a long time. My cousin used to perform and some said she sounded like Wynona Judd. My uncle thought we could have had a country music band – for sure, if I’d been around back then. 🙂

So Brooks & Dunn is a big favorite. Here’s one of my favorite songs, I’ll Never Forgive My Heart:

So I’ve been thinking about writing a new melody for my song “Candy Apple Red” – the one I wrote for songwriting class isn’t really working – I got good marks on the lyrics but I know the melody isn’t right. So I was thinking, what kind of song out there has lyrics like this song – maybe that’ll inspire a new melody. And then I hit on “Play Something Country” – compare their opening lyrics with mine and sing along with this tune.

 Play Something Country

Yes, she blew through the door like TNT,
Put her hand on her hip, pointed a finger at me.

Candy Apple Red

You strutted into class like you had nothing to lose,
He was staring at your ass, I was singing the blues.

(Okay, so maybe that second line was inspired by a line in “Real Women Wear Red” – “Are you staring at my ass?” – lol!)