One of the writer newsletters I subscribe to is “Write with Warminont.” The feature article for yesterday’s newsletter was “The Best Writers Are Actors at Heart.”

Sometimes with the new world of social media, blogging, and online promotion, we writers forget  we’re introverts. We push ourselves to put ourselves out there but then when we’re alone and feeling drained and dissatisfied with it all, we’re reminded that we’re really introverts.

scared-womanSomehow it takes you by surprise when:

  • Somebody on Facebook criticizes something we realize, as introverts, we do.
  • The technician thinks it’s her job to be chatty and enlightening when all you want her to do is be quiet while you relax and get your toes painted.
  • You share something online and people don’t react the way you expect them to – when all you wanted, like in the old days when you shared in-person, was for them to say, “Wow! How nice!” or “I’ve got your back” or “How are you today?” And then tell you their story.

I remember how “scary” it was to first share anything online. Somehow, at some level, I got comfortable sharing. Maybe because writing online from the comfort of my own little world feels natural to me. The writer in me finds it easy to share. The person in me does not.