capitolRoger Burnley, standing in front of the Capitol Records building in L.A., an icon from my childhood, offers vocal tips via video. He talks about finding your own unique singing style.

Now that Songwriting class has ended but Music Production hasn’t yet begun, I’ve been spending some time trying out different songs, recording them, and then listening to see what seems to be my most natural fit.

Not surprisingly, it’s torch songs from the 40s and 50s and maybe even early 60s by singers like Julie London. Stella Stevens from Girls, Girls, Girls isn’t bad either (scene from that 1962 Elvis movie in header.)

I tried singing along with other artist’s like Diana Krall but Julie London suits my voice better. It’s been called “sultry.” Maybe I can figure out how to add my unique twist to one of these old torch songs.

Take a listen of Julie London singing Cry Me a River.