There’s this hilarious youtube video called “Dear Kitten” that’s gone viral and just the title got my attention so I had to post a link to my short story, Dear Kitten. Maybe it’ll help boost sales.

And that reminded me of another short story, Cougars in Cabo. So here I was interviewing with a 30-something guy recruiter and he was mostly interested in talking about Cougars in Cabo – I think he was hoping I could lead him to some real cougars in Cabo – lol.

I interviewed with a hotel/casino corporation on Saturday – yes, this is a 24/7 town – and I wasn’t sure how interested I was in the contract. I’d heard the environment was “chaotic” so my first question to her was “define chaotic.” I think she was taken aback – I’m not sure she viewed it that way – but that’s the way the recruiter described it.

At least I wasn’t asked to sing like I was on an interview when I first arrived in Las Vegas. Of course, now I’m studying music so maybe being asked to sing now would have been a plus. I could have sung the song I’m working on in songwriting class, “Candy Apple Red.” Of course it sounds amateurish but it’s a song in progress. Still, it gets stuck in my head and even my husband can’t stop singing it. Maybe it has potential. 🙂

Of course, the funniest (to me) job situation was when I was getting ready to fly to Vegas to meet my parents who were arriving by RV. I was sitting in my corner cube on the second floor of building 6 in San Jose, and I was writing my vacation email while working on a big technical manual release. I remember typing “Viva Las Vegas” as the subject header but it didn’t appear so I realized I was in the wrong window. I clicked again, wrote my vacation email, and off I flew to Vegas.

Several weeks or months later, Barb said she was sitting with somebody from “Legal” and she pulled up one of our manuals to show them our copyright page. Lo and behold, this particular copyright page said, “Viva Las Vegas.” And then I knew where my first “Viva Las Vegas” message had gone. Ooops! 🙂

As soon as she saw Viva Las Vegas, she had a feeling I was behind it so she managed to steer Legal to another manual. She knew it wasn’t intentional but when I jokingly told the story to another manager, I did have to explain that it wasn’t done intentionally. Sheesh!

Speaking of “Viva Las Vegas,” I stopped in at the Hilton for a pastry and a glass of Scharffenberger and was inspired to write my short story Viva Las Vegas, which won a place in the A Shaker of Margaritas contest and was selected to be published in the “Hot Flash Mommas” anthology. Cougars in Cabo was also selected for the second volume A Shaker of Margaritas: Cougars on the Prowl.