Wow! Today is a big blogging day. I caught up with weekend topics and now today I got word that I passed “Developing Your Musicianship.” A passing grade was 70% and I got 112% – woo hoo!

I’m still in the throes of songwriting and for the final assignment, I have to do more work on last week’s song to make it either front heavy or back heavy. While I’m at it, I’m thinking I’d like a new melody, maybe something country. Or maybe that’ll be the next song.

I’m so new at this and I love so many music genres that I don’t really know my songwriting direction. I’d love to join the local chapter of the Nashville Songwriter’s Association so I might try my hand at some country tunes – some of these today, like Black Roses, really don’t sound all that traditional so that might work.

In the meantime, Uncle Steven wished Ronnie Dunn a happy birthday (yesterday) and that sparked my own memories of Brooks & Dunn back in the 90s. This is what I posted on Facebook:

Back in the 90s when Country music was hot and Rich was the king of country dancing and my last name was Brooks and my friend’s was Dunn, yes, we were called “Brooks & Dunn.” Happy birthday, Ronnie Dunn!