This is the big week in my songwriting class when I have to write and record a whole song – lyrics and melody.

I’m pretty happy with the lyrics but you only know if they work once you match them with a melody, matching the stressed words with the strong beats. There’s a bit of tweaking involved at that stage. The melody? Not my strong suit. But I love my arrangement.

My voice? Not bad when I back up a real song but sounds amateurish soloing a song in progress. It definitely needs a professional touch – all of it – but I’m still learning.

Mastering my DAW (digital audio workstation) will really help, too, but that class doesn’t start until July. It’s a tough one. I’ve peeked into it and have downloaded the videos and hope to get more familiar with it when I’m in-between classes so I can have any chance of passing that class.

Trying to come up with my own melody, I thought about what songs are out there that tell a similar story. I originally thought of Young by Kenny Chesney and then Sugar Shack (if it works for Sugar, it can work for Candy Apple) by Jimmy Gilmer but Candy Apple Red is sounding more like My Boyfriend’s Back by the Angels – sort of a 60s Screamie Birds and Southern Rock combo. Yep, that sounds like me.

Sugar Shack

My Boyfriend’s Back