You’ve Got Talent

So on a play on those “You’ve Got Talent” shows, I’m excited to say that some of the comments on my final assignment, creating a blues riff, in my Musicianship class were: “Pretty darn good” and “You seem very talented.”

I’m especially rejoicing because that final assignment nearly killed me – lol! I had seriously considered not turning it in because the worst grade is dropped so I figured I could pass without that one. But I persevered, created a 12-bars blues riff and submitted it. I didn’t get a perfect score, 7.5/10, but I didn’t expect one either.

What didn’t seem quite right, though, is that two of the peer reviewers said I didn’t play enough melody. Perhaps they were from that more controverisal camp, because I rewatched the Professor’s video and listened again and I did exactly what is shown in the graphic.

Some of the more experienced musicians played all the way through and there was this big controversy over whether they should be marked down because they didn’t follow the assignment’s instructions. I wonder if it came down to interpretation, although it seemed very clear to me. But maybe I missed something.

Either way, I got a passing score and I’m pretty sure I’ll pass the course. And I’m so thankful for the compliments – that might be even more important than the grade.


Well, it was fun celebrating this achievement but now I’ve got to get busy working on this week’s songwriting assignment.