My Musicianship class has ended, although some of my peers are still arguing over how the final assignment should be graded. Did the student follow directions is a big controversy.

I’m halfway through Songwriting. That leaves Music Production. It’s quite technical, which should be okay since I have a technical background, but I was the least into this class – a necessity, for sure, though. But after hubby created a home studio for me, separate from the office, I’m really jazzed about that class.

There’s nothing like having the right atmosphere and tools to feel creative. My new desk feels more like a work table similar to the ones I used during my San Francisco typography days – looking back, those days were exciting and creative.

My uncle, who is about my age, okay, maybe a few years younger, plays bass and has been so supportive of my musical endeavors. It feels sooooo good to be pursuing my musical passion and to feel understood and supported by family for the first time.

Great Grandpa made instruments and played just about every instrument. Grandpa played the keyboard and sang in a band. Grandma sang in church and wrote poetry. My dad sings, my half siblings play drums, my uncles and cousins play guitar, write music and produce it. You see, music runs in the family. One cousin is said to sound like Wynonna Judd and thought that maybe she could have made it. Perhaps life got in the way.

I used to look around the family I grew up in and wonder where the people were who were like me. And then I met my father and his family and then I knew. It’s so validating to be around other people who are like me. I’m no longer a mystery or feel that I don’t quite fit in.

PS – Recent clarity came to me when I heard that grandpa played the keyboard. No wonder I’m drawn to the keys as my instrument. Maybe that’s why my mother bought me an electric organ for my seventh birthday and a piano when I was ten or eleven – she must have known grandpa played the keyboard and this was her way of supporting that. I wish she had been more honest and direct. But whatever her motive, finally, at my age, I’ve discovered just a little bit more about who I am.