Finally! This was the Nashville finale I’ve been waiting for. After last week’s happy family scene with Deacon, Maddie, and Rayna, onlooker Luke Wheeler wasn’t about to let that happen. He proposed to Rayna onstage.

Well, Deacon wasn’t about to let hat happen, either, without a fight so he marched on over to Rayna’s house and said, “I’d like to congratulate you and wish you every happiness… I’d like to, but I can’t.” Yes!!!

And then when Scarlett was about to leave town, Gunnar gave her a gift and it was this song, reminding her that she can’t just throw it away. This is so awesome!

I love this show and so happy it’s been renewed. But I have to ask myself a question as an aspiring songwriter, why is it that a country music show set in Nashville is the one that gets the father/daughter reunion story and nobody else in the world seems to? There was also prayer in the finale. Something to think about..

Should I be focusing on writing country music? Thankfully, most of the music is more about attitude that traditional country music and that part suits me perfectly.