Spoiler Alert!

dondraperThis week’s episode of Mad Men was the best this season. Just when I was thinking that Nashville trumps Mad Men, this week was classic Don Draper as the comeback kid. I was starting to think that I was no longer a fan of Mad Men – until this morning when we watched last night’s show.

It got pretty creepy with the nutzoid copy writer freaking out over the new computer in the office by cutting off his nipple and handing it to Peggy and Megan out in L.A. with her weird actor friends and the threesome with her girlfriend and her husband. But Mad Men always goes crazy before it ends on the perfect note, redeeming the whole episode.

My favorite scenes are when Don makes his bold move, silencing his critics, ending on the perfect song. Last night’s song was Only Daddy That’ll Walk the Line.

This is the Don Draper I love – the person in a tough spot who makes his way back – so inspiring! Now if we could just keep him in L.A. – I keep saying Don Draper was made for L.A., but then, I guess he does his best work in New York.