After hearing Black Roses, I was inspired to write “You Never Looked at me That Way” for my songwriting class. So I submitted that for my assignment for illustrating the song development process.

The scores were in this afternoon and I was pleased that I got 85/90. And then I realized from the comments that I’d lost 5 points because one person on the review team thought that the idea of the song wasn’t that interesting because he/she didn’t think many people would relate to it.

Another reviewer said that the lyrics were fabulous but hoped that it wasn’t a true story for me.

Yeah, well, aren’t we supposed to dig deep and use what we’ve got? But, of course, I always seem to draw from the well that isn’t in the majority and so I don’t get the numbers. And when you’re trying to be commercial in the art world, you have to attract the numbers.

I’ll try to work on that but I’m not sure I can change who I am and what I write about in a song any better than I could do it in a novel. 🙂

I question myself but then I recall the scene on Nashville when Maddie seest her step dad gaze lovingly at his daughter and she says to her mother, “Will Deacon ever look at me the way dad looks at Daphne?”

“You Never Looked at Me That Way” is telling the same story. It means a lot to me – I’ll have to work on making it more commercial if I want to be commercial that is. If I’m just writing for myself, then it doesn’t really matter if other people get it.

But I think that if the person saw the entire song, rather than just pieces of it through the songwriting process, he/she would see how it all comes together. So I’ll keep working on it.