Gotta love Professor Pat Pattison and how he says “Songwriters, as the rebels we are, think inside the box.” lol! He’s referring to the 3 boxes of the development engine of a song.

I also like his t-shirt that says “Unstable” on it referring to a song being stable or unstable. I, of course, tend to write in the unstable box. I may have to order one of those t-shirts. I especially like how he wears it under a black leather jacket – I’ll look forward to wearing mine again later this year – much later.

I also love how Professor Pat says, “Call your 6 best friends. Oh, that’s right – we’re songwriters – we don’t have 6 best friends.” lol! He’s referring to, of course, “who, what, where, when, why, and how” – you know – those friends we made in journalism class.

And Professor Russell is such a joy – his only rule in the Musicianship class is to “have fun.” This is the last week of the class and I’m anxiously awaiting to see what the final assignment will be – something about creating a blues riff. He says this:

Please be kind in your evaluations of your peers’ work. We have a very broad range of experience in this course—from beginners to seasoned musicians. What I am looking for in the assignment is not how well you can play the tune, but whether you can present an idea for a melody in the blues form.

I’m also auditing a Jazz Improv class, which is also a lot of fun. I’m only auditing it because I’m not experienced enough as a musician, I think, to hand in the assignments. But maybe next time it’s offered.

Professor Gary Burton is also a joy. He’s kind and fair and encourages the students to be the same. It helps to take a class from a more mature artist – it also attracts the same kind of people, I think.