One of my favorite TV shows is “The Voice.” But it’s quite intimidating when I think about my own voice. I’ve had a few voice lessons but it’s time for a tune-up – after all, your instrument gets rusty if you don’t use it.

As an aspiring songwriter, I have to work on 3 parts: writing the song, singing the song, and playing the song (for me, that means the keyboard). It’s a lot to work on all at once and sometimes I feel like I’m not making much progress. At times I think about just working on one thing at a time and if that is true, my voice will have to come first.

My solo in high school was “If You Go Away.” Frank Sinatra and many others have also recorded it but I had no idea back when I chose the sheet music in the music store in 1969.

I’m working on the French version, although that is pretty ambitious, so I may have to stick with the English version.

“If You Go Away” – English and French:

“If You Go Away” – French only: