One of the cool things about living in Las Vegas is getting to know the local hangouts where celebrities and up-and-coming performers mingle together.

Hubby and I enjoyed a fabulously old-fashioned old Vegas Valentine’s yesterday complete with dark, cozy booths, awesome Italian food, and nightly entertainment. Monday night is open mike night and I, of course, began to fantasize about singing there. It’s open 24/7 so hey, maybe I’ll sneak over there in the middle-of-the-night. 🙂

Dennis Bono of the Dennis Bono show, a local show here in Las Vegas, is married to the owner of the Bootlegger, who was also the lieutenant governor of Nevada at one time. See what I mean? Cool place to hang out. And with nightly entertainment for locals – a rare find these days.

Songwriting is coming naturally to me and I’m working on my vocals and practicing the keys. It can all be a bit overwhelming trying to catch up for lost time, especially in so many areas, but progress of any kind is made one step at a time.

As much as I long to throw myself into my music, the music stimulates my story ideas and I’m working on 3 manuscripts-in-progress. Unfortunately, that slows down making much progress on any one thing.

While trying to discern my main focus in music when it comes to genre, I keep coming back to vocal jazz, which makes total sense since my dad is a big jazz fan. So here are a couple of songs I’m working on, which seem to hold some promise.

 Your Heart Is As Black As Night

Bourbon in Your Eyes

Totally scandalous, isn’t it?