alan_keelingSome of my junior high/high school friends on Facebook were talking about the past and some of the crazy things they did and it was such fun looking back together. So then I decided to repost this story about looking into the past and what I found.

So I started browsing Facebook for kids I’d gone to school with. You know – there’s that one boy you thought about and you always wondered what happened to him.

You remember him carrying your books home from school, listening to your Elvis albums in your garage (with the garage door open, of course), playing his guitar, calling you on the phone, writing that first “love letter” after he moved 8 miles away – all the way to Anaheim – and then he surprised you by riding his bike over to see you. 🙂

Besides finding him on Facebook, I found him on youtube playing his guitar. That was pretty cool. And then I realized, oh my goodness, he was my first “bad” boy – lol! I’d never thought of him that way before, although I did write some of his papers for him – those “Write 500 times ‘I Will Not…'” kind of papers. And how he told me he broke up with Judy because she didn’t like to kiss. I think I kept my distance after that – lol – what would my mother think or more importantly, what would she do?! Well, we were only 11/12 then.

Those are the kind of memories you never forget and the older you get, the more you appreciate them.


2 thoughts on “Wild and Crazy Days

  1. I’ve found lots of my HS friends! and even one from 1st grade. One we got together with on the way to see dd a couple of years ago-he lives just a bit north of us. the other lives about 45 minutes away. haven’t quite gotten as far in the seeing each other though. As for the bad boys-I’ve only come close once. feh.


    1. lol! I found a few Westminster kids on Classmates a few years back but can’t find them on FB. Until this guy. But I am friends with several friends from Santa Ana – was there just a year and a half but made lifelong friends.


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