DeaconNashville is probably my favorite TV show – I love the music and I especially love the storyline of Maddie discovering that Deacon is her father. This week’s episode was totally awesome with lines that could only come from real life experience – exactly the words a daughter wants to hear her father say.

I wanted to write this post and share the song Deacon sang with Maddie in the audience, which was Deacon’s first attempt to actually be a father to Maddie.

As some of you know, this story is near and dear to my heart. I’ll always be thankful I grew up halfway between Disneyland the beach but my own father was just 30 miles away and it saddens me that I couldn’t know him growing up.

We had our big reunion and I wrote about it in Myths of the Fatherless and the best part was that hug good-bye when I pulled away first and he pulled me back and held me tight. I share this because I know there are many of you out there who are just like me.

Anyway, here’s the song and the scene I must have fantasized happening for me for most of my life because my father was a singer, too. No wonder “secret baby” is one of the most popular romance plots.