I just submitted my first manuscript from the San Francisco Bay Area. Woo hoo! As a hybrid author, published by small publishers and as an independent, it’s been awhile since I’ve submitted something. Tonight, I’m breaking out the Prosecco. I remember a co-worker married into an Italian family and she recommended Prosecco – that was eons ago but I never forgot it.

I seriously started writing fiction when we moved from the Bay Area up to Portland. My life was way too hectic when we lived in the Bay Area before – long commutes, night classes, Society for Technical Communication (STC) responsibilities, and a new husband. 🙂

So to actually submit something from the Bay Area feels like an accomplishment worth celebrating. But, seriously, we should celebrate all of our writing milestones.

One of my most memorable was after publishing Real Women Wear Red and Myths of the Fatherless while living in Orlando. I took my special walk around Saratoga Springs. Walking is what I do to process special moments or to think something through.

Life is funny and to be back where the Journey began and to submit something for the first time makes me smile.