What I realized yesterday is that I can’t just stop writing fiction to focus on music alone. In fact, so inspired by Nashville, I started a new manuscript. And I must continue polishing my most recently finished – or almost finished – manuscript for submission.

Storytelling is storytelling whether through a novel, a song, or a Disney attraction. And, apparently, I’m a storyteller. We all are but not all of us are writers – it just seems like it sometimes.

When writers are asked, “When did you start writing?” many say, “I’ve been writing since childhood.” I would have to say I’ve been storytelling since childhood.

My first audience was the younger half-sister I grew up with, who was ten years younger than me. I would make up a bedtime story one night and the next night she would ask that I continue the story. I’d say, “I don’t remember it” and she’d give me a recap of the story and so I would continue my fictional tale. Like our early ancestors, my early storytelling was verbal.

Later, I tried writing stories down but got hung up on description – I’m still not a fan of too much description in a story. I was more enthralled with how books were produced. I tried folding papers a certain way to try to replicate a printed book.

In junior high, I toured my first print shop with my journalism class, and, finally, the secret was revealed to me. In high school, I was chosen for an apprenticeship in print production that I earned credit for. That led to a publishing career in production editing and I absolutely loved it.

Eventually, I had to pull myself out from behind-the-scenes into the forefront in order to share my stories. I can’t stop now.