In the season finale of Nashville, we finally get to see Maddie discover that the man she thought was her father was not her father. So she races over to see Deacon and says, “I think you might be my father…”

We see how Deacon reacts to not knowing and how Rayna reacts to Deacon reacting in that video of that last scene.That scene, that episode was so powerful! I so know those emotions – I experienced something similar myself. It’s something I will probably never really get over – some things in life you just don’t “get over.”

I also wrote about it in Myths of the Fatherless. I was pleased to help others struggling with this issue. The world likes to pooh pooh this experience so it’s especially refreshing to see the honesty of it portrayed in Nashville.

They say that country music is “3 Chords and the Truth” so it’s no wonder I’m drawn to country music and this television show. It’s done so well – it’s right up there with MadMen for me and why I’ll be collected the DVDs for this show, too.

One thing I appreciated about the episode is both parents’ concern about Maddie and how she would handle it.

In my case, when my cousin spilled the beans that my dad was not my father, I asked my grandmother about it, she then alerted my mother, and only then my mother gave me a very short explanation. Nothing more was said. Nobody checked to see how I was doing or if I had more questions or if I needed to talk to anyone or if I wanted to find my father. Forty years later I finally did find and meet him, but all at my instigation.

Yes, it does my heart good to see how this topic is being handled on Nashville and I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2. In fact, this show may be the reason why I must continue to write as well as sing.