In 50 Yard Dash or the 600 I wrote how the 50 yard dash was my thing in high school – the 600, well, not so much. After writing 4 published novels and 4 short stories, I’ve decided to listen to my agent who said that I had a “poetic, almost lyrical rhythm” to my writing. Poetry and lyrics feel more like a 50 Yard Dash than a novel, novella, or short story.

I’ve also mentioned how music was my first love and all the things musically I’ve done. In Las Vegas, I tried to do all 3: write fiction, write tech doc manuals for my day job, and study/perform music. It was too much. So it’s time for me to substitute writing fiction for the world of music in many forms and maybe even songwriting – just for fun.

In a songwriting lesson, I heard 2 things that I’ve heard in writing fiction:

  • A song isn’t written – it’s rewritten
  • Show, don’t tell

Sound familiar? It seems you can’t escape it. 🙂

They say that if you have multiple dreams and don’t know which one to pursue or how long to pursue it, leave it at the Cross. God can resurrect the dream that is meant to be.

Will I continue to write fiction? Who knows? But I’m excited about this next adventure in my life’s journey.