It’s appropriate we should spend time at the Shrine of St. Joseph because St. Joseph is the patron saint for fathers, men, anger, families, and step families to name a few. Ever since we worshipped at the St. Joseph parish as part of Mission San Jose, I’ve been drawn to St. Joseph. As Catholic converts, we continue to discover the power, strength, and beauty of the Church.

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve had very special spiritual experiences at Shrines. In Orlando, spending prayer time in the chapel, we were reassured that Rich would survive his hospital ordeal last year in Florida and we hung onto that for dear life.

When we look around the Orlando Shrine and see so many on vacation attending Mass or spending time in the chapel, well, we’re quite impressed that so many of the Catholic faithful do this on vacation. We love being a part of that! Orlando will always have a special place in our hearts – the Shrine and WDW – what a combo!

Recently, old family issues have caused some new upset in my life. But, as part of my prayer time in the chapel, I realized I could reach out to the Holy Family as my family. We began a quest for healing on this weekend’s trip to the beach, and it resulted in our visit to the Shrine. It was such a blessing and one we’ll recall for years to come.