Watching the Today recently, I discovered a new girl band and reality show, “Chasing the Saturdays.” And that reminded me that one of the titles for Real Women Sing the Blues I’d flirted with was Chasing Moondoggie – my version of Gidget Goes Hawaiian.

In the end I’d decided against it, thinking it would label it as for women of a certain age only and because it’s the sequel to Real Women Wear Red, I wanted to connect the titles. But it’s also interesting that if you search on “Moondoggie” you discover that many younger women not only know who he is but are into him, too.

So I thought I’d share an excerpt from “Blues” where Millie and Robin are discussing their “Moondoggies.” Both, I hope, give you the feeling of being in Hawaii.

“Is that you, Jack?” Millie greeted me as the door shut behind me. A steward came out of one of the bedrooms with a stack of empty suitcases, and it was obvious Millie had put him to work unpacking. She was right behind him, carrying a glass of champagne.

“Jack? Is he here?”

“Oh, darling, you came after all,” she kissed me on both cheeks. “What’s the matter? Things didn’t work out with your Moondoggie?” What she didn’t need to say was “I told you so, dear.” I heard it, just the same.

She handed me a glass of champagne and led me to the couch in the living room portion of the suite. A bottle of champagne was sitting on ice with three more glasses on the table. Was she entertaining?

I sipped the cold, bubbly and as the bubbles ran down my throat, I could feel myself relax. I sat down, exhaled, and leaned into the couch without spilling my glass.

“That bad, huh? Well, don’t worry. A week at sea will relax you completely. There’s nothing quite like it for solving one’s problems.”

She sat down in the wing chair between one of the windows and the sliding glass door leading to the large balcony. I stared out at the deep blue Pacific ocean, and surrendered to my mother’s care.

“Are you entertaining?” I swept my remaining free hand across the table, and she broke into a pretty smile, where her blue eyes lit up. It was the comforting smile I recognized as a child, and it never failed to reassure me then, as it did now.

“Don’t worry, dear. Jack isn’t on this cruise. But we do have plans to meet at several of the ports.”

“So, I’m Chasing Moondoggie and your Moondoggie is chasing you.”

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