“If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!” – St. Catherine

I love that quote! I posted it on Facebook and then said, “Sometimes I feel like instead of setting the world on fire, I’m scaring people.” 🙂

Most people don’t let you know when you’ve done something that inspired them or affected them in a powerful way. Sometimes you do and that motivates you to keep doing what it is you do.

Today we hear so much about what the military does for us – overly so sometimes. But that’s to make up for how the Vietnam Vets were treated. That’s called over compensating – it’s good to correct an oversight but it doesn’t always help the ones who needed it the most. We also hear a lot of praise for fire fighters and policeman – rightly so – but can we take this a step further?

What about that priest, pastor, teacher, a volunteer or some other person who really made a powerful statement or difference in your life? Have you told them? Sometimes it’s not that it’s so major, it’s just that it came along just when you needed it the most. That *is* powerful. That’s a gift.

When I first started blogging on “Chicks Over 40” – many women told me how I inspired them. It’s much rarer to hear praise like that today. But when I do, it makes a powerful statement to me and I want to thank all of you who’ve let me know.

A lot of people stick their necks out for others and when they’re not supported, they withdraw. I know I often have mixed feelings about blogging. Did I say too much? Did I say too little? Did I come across too strong? Did I say what I meant to say or was it misunderstood? Did I offend somebody? Should I stop saying anything at all?

If somebody is doing something you really enjoy, make sure they know it. Maybe it’s your plumber, pet sitter, or grocery clerk. Everybody needs to know they’re appreciated.

As a writer I also have to recommend writers, singers, musicians, and other artists, as well as bloggers and other social media participants – people who stick their necks out on a daily basis by sharing their opinions, experiences, knowledge, time, talent, thoughts, and emotions. It’s not easy – they just make it look like it is.

As for me, well, sometimes I think I’ve said everything I need to say and nobody really wants to hear it anymore. But the beauty of a blog is that it’s here waiting for me when I feel the need to say something. And I thank all of you for reading. I really do appreciate you!