One of the phrases I first heard as a writer – and one I treasure greatly is – “Protect the Work.” I would also add “Respect the Work.” What do they mean?

“Protect the Work” is to put the writing first – don’t allow distractions (family, friends, the internet, the job, responsibilities, and other writers) to harm your writing. This may mean time management or it may mean not sharing too much. Often when we share too much of our manuscript-in-progress or story ideas too soon, they diffuse.

“Respect the Work” is really part of protecting the work. Respect yourself as a writer and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let fear of family members criticizing you, censoring you, or disrespecting you in any way stop you from writing what you must write.

But what happens when you’re doing all you can but your writing dream is going nowhere? Well, then it’s time to leave it at the Cross – in other words, “Let go and let God.” He can resurrect the hopes and dreams that are meant to be.