This theme has been rattling around in my head today. I think it started after watching the first episode of this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. I was shocked to see what Vicki had done to herself and just as I started a frantic search online to find out what had happened, she began explaining the work she’d had done on her eyes, face, and chin. Oh, dear Vicki, I hope that is just the swelling and that your face will look more normal later. Because I am so sad for you. This is not your authentic self.

And then I read a blog post on my RWA chapter blog, A Slice of Orange, about Your Authentic You. It totally resonated with me. Like not fitting into what the market wants but writing anyway. And worrying about sharing your spirituality online but writing it anyway. That inspired me to keep being my authentic self.

Sometimes it feels lonely being your authentic self. Because it seems everybody else is doing what everybody else is doing. And you’re there all alone doing what it is you’re doing. Writing books that other people don’t get because they’re too busy reading what everybody else is reading. Or thinking they want to read what everybody else tells them they should read. Frankly, I can’t find enough books that appeal to me – so many are written like so many others.

We shouldn’t all follow the same advice or rules – we’re different. Writers are especially different. There are more extroverts than introverts but the extroverts seem to set the rules. But that doesn’t mean the introverts should mirror them – we’re different so act differently. Be your true authentic self.

Not every woman should get plastic surgery. Take Vicki, for example. She has the girl next door look – she looks fake all glammed up with her fake thick eyelashes and fake face. Even though she was teased about looking like “Miss Piggy” – she was so much more authentic before and looked just fine! I miss the “old” Vicki!

It’s not easy growing older in a Society that reveres the youthful look. Especially on television. But it’s far better and far more beautiful to look and be your true, authentic self, wrinkles and all. It’s time women took back their true selves and not follow rules that other people have created for them.

And that’s why I changed my profile and header pics again – this feels more like my true authentic self.