I think this is probably the challenge most of us have – how do we take care of our responsibilities, job, family, home, etc., and still live the creative life? One thing I do is change my blog header frequently – lol! They say that the more often you change your Facebook profile pic, blog header, etc, the more creative you are. I wish. It could also be a sign of not focusing on real creative work – of substituting these small creative urges for the bigger picture.

Or it may be just trying to figure out what your image or brand should be. There are so many things to choose from. Much of my writing takes place on a beach or cruise ship so beach girl, at first, seems the obvious choice. But when I saw this retro car, I just had to go retro. And maybe that’s the more common thread throughout my writing – it all has a retro feel, even if the setting is contemporary.

For me, changing my header and profile pic is about getting into the creative mood for a certain piece of work. Music is also a big part of setting the mood. It’s like method acting, I suppose. If you can crawl into your story and become the character you’re writing, the writing begins to flow and becomes a lot more creative.

In future posts, I’ll introduce my strong female leads to you…