This morning’s guest on Women of Grace was Emily Stimpson, fun and fabulous author of The Catholic Girl’s Guide to Being Single. Love the cover – it looks so “chick lit” if we’re allowed to say that anymore – lol! There’s so much I’d love to say about this topic – for one thing – it inspires my writing.The single girls in my novels are obviously flawed, as characters should be and as we humans are, but they’ve received a hint of an invitation to step into a Catholic Church. I’d like to explore this relationship with a faith journey even more in future writings. Especially because I’m a convert and the experience has been so exciting and fulfilling.

Catholics need to become more aware of their faith in fiction and in nonfiction form. One of the reasons we’ve been drawn to the Eastern side of the faith is that, for some reason (smaller scale?), people understand their faith more and, therefore, seem to be more faithful. Coming from much stricter religious backgrounds, we’ve both been a bit thrown by what we see in the Western (Roman) church. But we are encouraged because the church is becoming more aware of needing to catechize their people. We’ve had so many blessings in the Roman church, we feel compelled to be a part of that.

For example, in “The Valley Catholic,” there was a column called “Have Catholics been sacramentalized, but not evangelized?” The book under discussion is Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell. Whether you can receive the Eucharist at mass and have a sexual relationship outside of marriage should never be a question – every Catholic Christian should know the answer to that. I’m not saying we live perfect lives, but we should at least be aware of what the faith teaches. We should understand sex and the single girl (not), what a Sacramental marriage is, and what that vocation means. Hey, I’m still learning – I’m a convert – but it looks like converts aren’t the only ones with much to learn.

Thankfully, there are so many fabulous resources out there, for men and women alike, especially on Women of Grace.