God taps me on the shoulder
In the middle-of-the-night.
And whispers a poem
He longs for me to write.

We’ve probably all heard of writers who were so inspired to write, they said the books practically wrote themselves. Well, that has never happened to me – lol! But I do sometimes feel like it’s God who awakens me during the night to write – I feel driven to write those scenes. And every once in awhile, I feel inspired to dabble with some poetry – just for fun.

My writing is sometimes on the light side and sometimes on the dark side – but it’s all fun for me – whether comedy or drama. I think the term “dramedy” describes my writing – mostly seen in TV or film – not in novels. But then it seems I write novels more in the style of a TV show or movie. Maybe because my mother was an L.A. girl and I grew up under the Hollywood influence in nearby Orange County. TV and movies made a bigger impression on me than books, but, don’t get my wrong, I loved books and always had one under my arm.

But whether listening to the Blues or writing about serious subjects, it all brings me joy and is not to be confused with any sort of unhappiness. Non-writers and/or non-singers don’t seem to get that about me. But it’s all the same to the artistic soul.

I’ve often said that when it comes to writing tech docs, I “fly by the seat of my pants.” Well, when it comes to writing fiction, perhaps I fly or “write by faith.” For we must have faith that we’re called to write no matter the outcome. Because as even Oprah said, “If you feel called to write, you must write – whether you have 15 readers or 15 million” – or something like that.

After my father read Myths of the Fatherless, he said, “You must continue to write – you must fulfill your destiny.” These are fatherly words I never would have heard if I hadn’t stepped out in faith to write and if I hadn’t stepped out in faith to find my father.

So what are you called to step out in faith to do?