I watched “The Voice” for the first time and it hit home when one of the contestants with his strong voice said how he’s had a hard time in his vocal career because he’s had to shrink his big voice in order to fit in the boxes out there. But for this competition he wanted to show what he could do. And the judges and crowd went wild for it.

As he said that, I had tears in my eyes. Because I’ve also discovered that when you have a big voice, you mustn’t shrink it – you must let it out in all its glory. It looks like he may finally be getting recognition for being true to his big voice.

I also haven’t been able to fit my voice into mainstream fiction because it no longer supports what I write. So I’ve gone the Indie route. But, thankfully, there are readers out there who have discovered my voice. And I’m hoping that more readers will discover it. Perhaps the blog tour for my latest novel will help push my voice out there.

Speaking of which, it’s day 2 of the Virtual Book Publicity Tour for Letters on Balboa Island and I’m being interviewed at the Hot Author Report.

Tour stops for the entire tour are posted here.

I hope that you’ll stop by.