While several of my published stories are with small publishers, I think of myself as an Indie author. For one thing, I see myself continuing to publish as an Indie – one of my “lessons learned.”

Indie experts, such as Bob Mayer, recommend getting 3 books out there and then go all out promoting. Others recommend offering short stories on Kindle and as freebies from your web site to get the word out there about your books.

I now have 3 published novels and several short stories available for sale on amazon.com. I’m launching a big blog tour in February with promo freebies throughout the month of January. But this month, for the first time, all of my published works have had sales. Woo hoo! Real Women Wear Red sells every month, but the other titles have alternated in sales. So, this is a fabulous milestone!

Other experts, such as Cathy Yardley on Rock Your Writing, write about finding your “right reader.” That sorta implies you’re going to write in one genre. Well, what’s different about me – and you know I just can’t help but be different – is that all of my books are in different genres (Myths of the Fatherless is nonfiction). This month I realized, that’s okay. Each must do what works for them.

Thinking about my “right reader” I’ve been forcing the sequel to Real Women Wear Red. But I have this other manuscript that’s fully written, edited, and ready for some post-feedback tweaking. I’ve held back because it’s a psychological suspense. Now I realize it’s okay that this be my next published novel. I don’t have to write in the same genre. I’m an Indie author and a variety of readers are discovering me.