On the way back from dropping hubby off at work I heard a local radio DJ announce that Jimmy Buffet will be in Vegas in October at the MGM Grand – woo hoo! Margaritaville!

So my first thought was, “Must see Jimmy Buffet while we’re still living in Las Vegas.” My second thought was, “Jimmy Buffet without an ocean?” My third thought was, “Ooooo, I saw Tom Jones last year right before The Tom Jones Club was released – what can I do for Jimmy Buffet?” lol!

Well, that book is already out there in Real Women Wear Red – nothing like a Caribbean cruise and Jimmy Buffet. After all, I was sitting out on my Florida Lanai when I wrote that book. But back to thought number two, “Jimmy Buffet without an ocean?” Okay, I suppose Jimmy Buffet is good anywhere, anytime. But in the desert? lol!

The end of this month marks our “40 months in the desert” and we’re hoping our time is up soon – lol! For more about that, check out my blog post on Two4Disney. In the meantime, here’s some Jimmy Buffet, Margaritaville, of course – his signature song and the official song for Flip Flops and FABs (pictured above: the Habanero Margarita from the Grand Californian):