kathy_redI wrote my first song with a friend who lived across the street from me in Southern California when I was 10-years-old. We called ourselves the “Screamie Birds” (Liverpool-speak: bird=girl and screamie=singer). We even wrote to Ed Sullivan.

Along the way, I sang in choirs, took a few piano lessons, and my step dad taught me to play 3 chords on the guitar.

After meeting my father and being introduced to my musical family in my 40s, I embraced my family name as my author pen name. But when my uncle said, “Now that you know you’re a Holmes, you’re going to want to pay attention to music,” I started to think about my first love, which has always been music.

Great grandpa crafted instruments, grandpa played the keyboard and sang in a band, and grandma wrote poetry. As I play the keys, I think of grandpa and as I write lyrics, I think of grandma. It’s my job to marry the two in a song.

So I began studying with Berklee, practicing the keys, tuning my vocals, and turning my poetry into lyrics.  I’m now traveling the road from novelist to songwriter. “The Road to Nashville” is my compass for the trip, leading me farther into the journey.

My first song, “Advocates in Heaven,” as part of my Modern Musician project, is on Reverbnation and Soundcloud. “Advocates in Heaven” is the story of a girl who, lost somewhere between her father’s new family and her mother’s new family, feels like she has no family at all. It’s the musical answer to the story I told in Myths of the Fatherless.

Candy Apple Red,” the musical answer to my first published novel, Real Women Wear Red, has just been uploaded to Reverbnation, SoundCloud, and MixCloud.

The first song I played on the guitar was “These Boots are Made for Walking” – guess, for me, it’s now “These Candy Apple Red Shoes are Made for Walking” – lol!

Anyway, these first two songs are for me. Then, as I continue to study the craft of songwriting, I plan to start writing songs to pitch. That will begin a whole new exciting journey!




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