I grew up in Orange County, California with a love for Disneyland, the beach, and cars. My transistor radio was a constant companion, and I wrote my first song with a childhood friend. We called ourselves the “Screamie Birds.”

We even wrote to Ed Sullivan and The Amateur Hour (precursors to American Idol and The Voice). My friend, Gayle, played the piano and I was the vocalist.

After writing and publishing 5 novels, 4 short stories, and 1 non fiction book, I’m turning my attention to music. I’m a “Modern Musician” graduate with Berklee College of Music and an NSAI-certified songwriter.

Traveling the path from novelist to singer/songwriter, I’m exploring musical genres and my songwriting voice. So far, I might place myself somewhere between Mary Gauthier and Devil Doll – I even have the “devil doll” dress (see About Me and My Cars).

My goal for 2015 is to determine which path I want to follow – that of commercial songwriter or singer/songwriter, performing songs I’ve written just for me. Or something I do while I sit at my desk pondering life and writing.

Whatever happens, I must say, my biggest musical passion is singing. So I’ve been recording some of my rehearsal vocals, as I work on tuning the vocals, practicing the keys, and working on my next Screamie Birds song.

You can sample some of my vocals or listen to original songs and follow me on Reverbnation.