Welcome to My Writing and Music Studio

It was quite a thrill for me when I stood on the stage where Elvis sang at the former International/Las Vegas Hilton in Las Vegas more than 800 times.

I held the microphone in my hand and felt very comfortable up there and that surprised me because I felt intimidated when I stood on the Ryman stage.

Was I more comfortable because it was Elvis or because I’m now paying attention to my music? Whatever the reason, I’m now inspired to give my music classes all I’ve got. I have a feeling it’ll spill over into my writing, too.

After all, writers must write. And until you do, you’ll sidle up to other writers and writing tools just like I sidled up to the keyboard on the Elvis stage – my inner musician was screaming at me to get busy.

But there are all kinds of writers. For some, writer means being a journalist. For others, it’s a novelist. Still others it means being a freelance writer, writing a variety of things. There are also technical writers. That can also mean different things, too, depending on if you’re an engineering writer, marketing writer, web writer.

I wear many writing hats – I’m a technical writer, help system author, nonfiction writer, and fiction writer – both novels and short stories. I also write/edit/produce articles and other marketing and training materials. Now I’m adding “songwriter” to my list of writer hats.

I love the freedom that all of this brings – it suits me, taking me back to my life as a San Francisco Mad Woman when I was working in digital publishing before it was called digital publishing.

And now I’d like to introduce you to my latest novel.


DV_Cover_180Nikki Durrance escaped the worst nightmare of her life when she fled Las Vegas for San Francisco, leaving her husband at the Blue Diamond Saloon. So when the perfect Dr. Mike Fischer proposes, she accepts. But when her new Mr. Right begins to transform into a guy just like her ex-husband, she begins to question everything, including her sanity.

Nikki longs to trust Mike, but with an overwhelming feeling of déjà vu, Nikki’s fear propels her into discoveries of betrayals and underworld connections that will send her running for her life again.

AVAILABLE now on Kindle.

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